Mass Images Optimizer, Converter and Resizer

April 03, 2021

Mass Images Optimizer

Features of Mass Images Optimizer

Mass Images Optimizer offers many features with it’s Graphical User Interface. Given below are the features of the Image Optimizer which together makes it the best Image Optimizer. You can also suggest a new feature to the software which can be of help to you in Optimizing Images with Image Optimizer and get it Implemented for Free.

  • Image Optimization is done without loss of Image Quality.
  • Does not requires you to Upload and then Download Images.
  • Supports PNG, JPG and JPEG Image Files.
  • Supports Optimization of PNG Images with Transparency.
  • Download Image Optimizer Software for Free on your Windows PC.
  • Can be used to Optimize Single, Multiple or Images in Bulk.
  • Allows you to Optimize and Overwrite Images in a Selected Folder & hence preserving Folder Structure of the Images.
  • You can also store the Optimized Images to a Different Folder without Overwriting Original Images.
  • Image Optimization Report is Displayed once Optimization of Images is Complete.
  • The Image Optimization Report Displays Original Image Size and Optimized Image Size so that you can verify the reduction in size of Images.
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We tested a range of images, and the results are good. You can often save 20-30% of the size without losing any image quality.

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